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Welcome Your Holidays with Fresh Bay Leaf Wreaths at Floral Beanie

Leaves add more fragrance to your home and, kindle your hearts with joy, with the natural look.

Our fresh bay leaf wreaths will help to create a cosy atmosphere. The aroma of the leaves is so welcoming and exhilarating to the guests. Use it as home décor or hang it as a centrepiece to glorify any holiday event at your place.

Beautify your space with our leaf wreaths to make it a better place.


Types of Leaf Wreaths We Offer

Our significant leaf wreath at Floral Beanie is the fall leaves wreath made of faux, berries, pine, cones, and dry seeds with a scented smell to last for a longer duration.

At Floral Beanie, we do offer creative leaf wreaths like gold leaf hair vine, which can be accessorised on your hair. This leaf wreath is handcrafted with delicate gold metal leaves and freshwater pearls. The wire is flexible enough to make you pull it here and there.

Another remarkable leaf wreath is the gold leaf crown created to beautify woman. This crown is suitable for both men and woman.

Leaf wreath hoop reusable stencils are also at reasonable demand at Floral Beanie as the orders come in rushing. These wreaths are ideal as home décor and, highly useful in greeting card making, scrapbooking, paper designing, fabric painting, wood embossments, and glass painting to give that perfect final finish.

We do offer an attractive leaf wreath named dried leaf oak wreath that is exclusively made of oak leaves. Theseare elegantly arranged like a bunch to adore your home, wherever you fix it. A stunning home décor piece brought to you by Floral Beanie for your door, wall or as a centrepiece in your living room.


Best Florist Store in Singapore

It is undoubtedly Floral Beanie wherein you can spot unique flowers of premium quality. We would boast confidently that we are predominantly the best florist in Singapore with our efficient service.

We design your wreaths or bouquets whatever it is with so much love to present you with the best. Floral Beanie believes we are the best brand creators for flowers in Singapore and, we strive hard continuously to show how much we care for our loyal customers.

We believe in professionalism and hence deliver only quality bouquets and wreaths to make the smiling you. At Floral Beanie, we do offer different customisations as requested by our customers to create vibrant floral arrangements.

We take so much pride in excelling as best florists in Singapore and have come a long way to achieve this.


Enjoy Same Day Delivery at Floral Beanie

Floral Beanie is super-fast in delivering your fascinating leaf wreaths on the same day. It is because we understand that you are super excited to receive the leaf wreaths that would brighten your day.

Our delivery is exclusively free for our customers to make them delighted. Enjoy this super-duper combo of free delivery and on-time arrival.


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