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Add Magic Glow To Your Events With Lighted Wreath!

Wreaths are great attraction for the front doors, walls, fireplace mantel and adding lights to it lifts the spirit of celebration and adds a new dimension to your wedding and home decorations. Lighted wreaths are the focal point in all events and look fantastic especially during nighttime. We have a wide range of lighting options that can be incorporated with the wreaths and make your moments nostalgic.

We are the renowned online florist in Singapore providing exceptional floral arrangements to thousands of happy customers for the last 2 decades. We stand unique in terms of quality, modern designs and styles, bouquets, wreaths, led lights, natural blooms, fresh flowers, artificial flowers, filler leaves, ferns and evergreens.

It is difficult to choose your floral arrangements with the availability of many choices. We are experts in understanding your celebration theme and artfully crafting your floral arrangements which convey your emotions and pure love towards your loved ones.


Brighten Your Moments With A Lighted Wreath!

Light wreaths make your home decorations elegant and the flickering of lights with different color combinations in a wreath looks amazingly beautiful. Lights have a strong impact on your mood and lift the spirit of celebrations. Let it be a party at home, weddings, birthdays or special days like Easter, Christmas, New year or any other traditional celebrations, impress your guests and have a stunning appearance with bright and vibrant lights in the wreaths.

We have a variety of lighted wreaths which go beyond a traditional wreath like Christmas lighted wreath, wall lighted wreath, front door lighted wreath, hand painted string lights wreath, snowman lighted wreath, LED light wreath with custom message, peony lighted wreath and many more for your classic celebrations.


Surprise Your Loved Ones With A Lighted Wreath!

Your celebrations have a purpose to show your love and convey messages through the best arrangements. Lights add more beauty to the floral arrangements and to make your event look more grandeur you need a professional florist in Singapore. The lighted wreath signifies high spirit, growth, celebration and happiness which are very prominent in starting something new.

The lighted wreath can be hung on the front door, walls, garden, tree hangings, table centerpiece and to create a perfect backdrop for lunches and parties during the nighttime with a magical glow spreading around. In order to equip you with the right lighted wreath we have experts who work on the flower combinations that go in the wreath and right LED lights that brighten the essence of those flowers. To have a magical moment different colored lights glow up the wreath showcasing a classic beauty of wreaths.

Adding to our expertise, we have different designs and styles to arrange the wreaths to convey your celebration theme. The wreaths incorporate a wide variety of flowers, tulips, orchids, lavender, ranunculus, daffodils, evergreens, artificial flowers, ferns and filler leaves. You have a choice to customize your lights and wreaths with different colored led lights, flickering lights, fast moving lights, focus lights, lighted notes, glittering ribbons, bells, plastic hangings, stars, etc. and rest leave it to our expert florists to turn it into your favorite lighted wreath.

All your orders can be tracked online on the website and get updates on your email. Your information is privacy protected and we guarantee you on time delivery with the freshness of blooms remain high. Our services include free express delivery on the same day to any corner of Singapore. Different shapes of LED lights are available in different colors and are guaranteed to last long.

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