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Express Your Feelings As Beautifully As The Peacock Wreath!

The feathers of a peacock stand for joy, richness in life, beauty and felicity. You can observe different shades on the feathers like the dark colors that connect to sadness, sorrow and bright colors for happiness. Singapore is a country where you can find multiethnic groups who migrate from different countries. Different groups have different cultures, traditional celebrations and symbols which are deeply connected to the roots of their origin.

Peacock wreath is famous for its splendid and showy appearance and is considered as a sign of knowledge and beauty. It is also believed that the peacock feathers at home brings good luck and growth. The best wreath that suites all the traditional celebrations in Singapore is peacock wreath as it has a magnificent and beautiful appearance that puts other wreaths second to it.

We are the leading online florist shop in Singapore with a wide variety of floral arrangements that serve different occasions and events. You would be amazed to walk through our contemporary designs, variety of natural blooms, vibrant flowers, greens, bouquets, home decors etc. We are experts in crafting wreaths that convey your celebration theme perfectly and bring out a myriad of emotions and feelings.


Try Us To Mesmerize Your Guests With A Stunning Peacock Wreath!

Your occasions and celebrations have a unique purpose and demands a perfect presentation of several arrangements. In all the occasions and traditional celebrations floral arrangement becomes the focal point and you require professionals to understand the in-depth of the celebration theme and work accordingly.

We have great expertise in artfully crafting your floral selection and turning it into a beautiful floral arrangement. Peacock wreath is typically the most adorable wreath for its stunning beauty and elegant appearance. We have different combination of flowers ranging from vibrant roses, peonies, dried flowers, tulips, ranunculus, gardenia, orchids, lilies, lavender, daffodils, ferns, filler leaves to artificial flowers.

The peacock wreath brings charm to your special moments and can go well for front door decoration, wall decoration, table centerpiece, aisle decoration, event backdrop decoration etc. It has a classic and showy bright appearance that can be incorporated with faux flowers, burlap ribbon, glittery ribbon, balls, peacock feathers, deco mesh, rustic ferns and other accessories.

In most countries, a special occasion or a holiday means inviting guests and friends to their home and partying with the best arrangements. Peacock wreath is a luxurious way of welcoming your guests, greeting them on the occasion, conveying your message and feelings beyond words. Customize your beautiful purple peacock wreath on our website.

Login with a unique username and a password and select your favorite peacock feathers cut into different shapes, wreaths of different material and dimensions, pick up the best accessories to incorporate with the peacock wreath, artificial flowers, ribbons, balls, stars, highlighters, hanging ropes etc. and rest leave it to our expert florists for a mesmerizing peacock wreath.


Experience The Difference With Peacock Wreath!

Unlike other wreaths peacock wreath stand unique in terms of it design and elegance on the feathers. The eye design on the feather makes the arrangement more beautiful and it represents the divine wisdom. For the bridegroom, peacock wreath stands best signifying the romantic love and bringing harmony and joy. Capture your moments with the peacock wreath in a photoshoot and cherish forever, it is the best wreath used in many countries on occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, special events welcoming important delegates, gourmet parties, bridal weddings and many more.

Spread your love and vibes of celebration with eye-catching peacock wreath arrangements. Order it and get it delivered on the same day. Also choose a wide variety of floral gifts, hampers, wreaths, balloons, home decors, wedding decors, backdrop arrangements, photoshoot floral arrangements etc. to double your celebrations and infuse right spirit of joy and happiness. Get 24/7 customer assistance over call and track your order on the website and get updates on your email. Contact us for your orders and get it hand delivered on the same day with express delivery to any corner of Singapore.



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