Statice Wreath Delivery

Statice Wreath, A Universal Gesture

Statice wreath is made with statice flower, which is also known as Caspia in the botanic world. It symbolizes two different aspects, the remembrance and success. The flower statice originates from the region of Asia and central Europe and played a vital role in the times of Greek. This flower showed its significance when it was referred to in times of remembrance of the fallen.

This flower is normally found in several different bright colors such as red, white, blue, purple and yellow with a strong musky smell. The strong smell of statice is known to fill the room where it is kept. This makes statice wreath perfect for outdoor settings. A bright statice wreath can be hung on the front door, around the yard during Christmas or even for the holidays season greetings. It is a perfect gift for letting your loved one or your family know that you are thinking of them.

When considering to gift something to a grand opening of a business, statice wreath gives the perfect message of success and luck.


Statice Wreath Florists At Your Service

Flowers have the sense of portraying and delivering a message where words fail to do justice.  They provide comfort and assurance on a much larger context than we can anticipate. In times of grief they provide us with sympathy, in times of happiness they act as a celebratory being. This is where statice wreath plays its role well. There is no chance of going wrong when opting to choose statice due to its symbolic nature catering to both the type of events and occasions.

A creative florist with their mindset would understand the need of the type of arrangement required for the nature of the occasion. In times of grief, a sympathetic statice wreath will be designed in a certain way. Similarly, in happy moments such as a reunion, the nature of design will be different. Our florists care for you, and they carefully pick the fresh blooms and provide a hard sponge base to keep these flowers fresh for a longer period.


Get Your Statice Wreath Made On Order

If you have a design of your choice in your mind, you can suggest it and our florists will make sure that your preference will be taken into consideration. You can choose to mix the statice wreath with other flowers of different colors to give it a more volumetric and richer look. A well-curated statice wreath can have more than one type of flowers, with different colors and a lush green foliage. It all depends upon your choice and the budget you are more comfortable with.


Get Your Statice Wreath Delivered

Be it a happy occasion or the remembrance of someone who has passed. Statice wreath can fulfill its purpose by conveying the right message that suits the moment. You can view our designs of the statice wreath on facebook, a complete album has been uploaded for your ease. A direct link to order your statice wreath is also available, which can be delivered to you within the same day around Singapore. All deliveries made through online orders will be free of cost.

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