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Pastel Green Carnation Bouquet

Special Pastel Green Carnation with Champagne Rose Bouquet - For Special Her
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Champagne Rose Carnation Bouquet

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Sweet Pink Carnation Bouquet

Pink Carnation with Eucalyptus Bouquet - For Sweet Her
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Strawberry Wreath, A Symbol Of Love

Strawberry as we know as the fruit with much symbolism to love and affection. With its red color, heart like shaped and a distinct taste makes it stand out among the family of fruits. This significance gives the strawberry wreath its own place in the universe of expressing emotions and feelings. Strawberry has been a symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love, affection and sensual pleasure.

In many countries like New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and in Singapore; strawberry wreath has been a major choice of love expression. Strawberry originates from colder regions and have been associated as a sign of closure among lovers. Whether it is a birthday, new year’s celebration or even valentines, a strawberry can prove its worth. It is a sign of gesture that will leave your lover in awe.

You must wonder, how a fruit can be associated with a wreath. Wreath show an eternity with its loop with no distinct starting point or end. And, topping it up with something that symbolizes the Goddess of love and affection is undoubtedly the best combination. A combination that will leave a nostalgic memory for life.


Our Creative Strawberry Wreath Artisans

Knowing what a strawberry may symbolize and knowing how to design it are two different things. A good florist is like an artisan gifted with talent by nature. A good florist will under the significance and the occasion for which the strawberry wreath is being designed for. For the expression of love on a specific day, a strawberry wreath may contain a few different things.

Addition of certain flowers such as roses, dandelions and even statice can be used. Lush green foliage is a good option as well. Our creative and experienced florists can help you decide your choice of wreath and put their insight into perspective. The strawberry wreath that we design will make your lover fall in love with you like it happened the first time.


Custom-Made Strawberry Wreath Of Your Choice

If you are still not sure of the design, then let our creative florist and artisans design a unique strawberry wreath for you. If you are sure of this wreath and the type of flowers and other accessories the recipient prefers, we can arrange it in a similar context. Your preference and choice are our priority. We prioritize what our clients prefer to ensure our customer service for their satisfaction.

Normally we utilize the use of ribbons, fresh flowers, lush green foliage and a personalized message in our custom-made strawberry wreath. Based on your budget we will provide the best service possible in the entire Singapore.


Get Your Strawberry Delivered

We have a wide range of design that may cater to your need of strawberry wreath. You can scroll through our website to see some of the popular and artistic designs. These designs have been preferred by our clients in Singapore and abroad. You can choose your preferred strawberry wreath which will be delivered in due time across Singapore.

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