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Flower delivery to school Singapore has become common nowadays. There are different reasons why people send flowers to school. You may want to send flowers to one of your children’s teachers, to a whole class or a specific student, or your spouse could be a staff member and it’s your wedding anniversary, you want to be able to send a flower bouquet to that school.

It could also be your son’s/daughter’s birthday and you need to surprise him/her with a birthday gift. These are some of the reasons that may prompt flower delivery to schools in Singapore. – the best online florist will help you to make such deliveries the same day you want them to be given to your loved one.


We are Keen to Maintain Respect and Observe Protocol

We deliver flowers to a school by respecting the school’s schedule.  Since, this is a learning institution; we cannot interfere with the learning programs of your kids or even the working hours of your spouse. At the same time, we cannot interrupt a teacher who is attending a lesson to give him/her a flower bouquet.

For a successful flower delivery to school, confirm with the school secretary whether flowers are accepted at the school. Flowers can be delivered to a school at any time of the day but it works best when the bouquets are delivered during tea or lunch breaks. Before you come to us, ask the secretary the name and official address of the school.

Also ask about the best time they prefer flowers being delivered to the students, workers, teachers or even the specific class you wish to appreciate! The secretary can check the schedule of the class or the person. You need to provide us with all this information when you place your order so that we deliver it at the most appropriate time and in a respectful manner.

Ensure you tell us the best time for the person or group to receive the flowers. Usually, we deliver flower bouquets to the main school office.


Make the Best Choice for a Perfect Flower Delivery to School

You will find an unlimited range of flower options available on our website, you should always select the best flower that perfectly delivers your feeling or thoughts towards the recipient and make them happy. If your flower is to be delivered to your spouse, don’t forget that he/she is your lover.  You should go for a floral arrangement that combines red roses and other lovely blossoms to show him love. Addition of a beautiful vase and a chocolate bar adds up to your spouse’s experience and drive him to upload his gift’s photos on Instagram.


Make an Order Today and Have Flowers Delivered Conveniently

Sometimes we seem to forget some important occasions in our life except or weddings! Forgetting your kid’s birthday is around the corner is possible especially when they are in school. The good thing is that we make same day delivery of the bouquets you purchase from our website. To order for a flower to be delivered to a school, visit our online shop at and select a flower bouquet of your wish.

Because sometimes it may be hard to decide on the flower you will send your loved one, we can always assist to settle on the most perfect. You can contact us on phone or email to avoid making the wrong decision when it comes to flower selection. Our customer care support is available 24/7 to serve you.

After selecting a flower bouquet, add it to the cart and proceed to add the delivery address. In this case, enter the school’s name and its address. Also specify the flower recipient i.e. your husband/wife’s name, teacher’s name, or the class to deliver the flower to. Lastly, you should make a payment direct to our bank account and have your flower delivered on the same day. You can do all this at the convenience of your home. We offer flower delivery to school services to all schools in Singapore. We also deliver flowers for your wedding to your doorstep.

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