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Sunflower Bouquet: The Positive Energy Bouquet

Sunflowers are the flowers of positivity because of their large and yellow blooms. They are taller than most of the garden blooms and are always perking up everybody’s mood. They are bright and cheerful, warm and inviting just like the warmth of the sun. With bright and brilliant yellow petals, they have an obvious sun-like appearance that has made them popular among flower lovers.

The sunflower bouquet comes in variety of sizes, ranging from small to very large and ranging from yellow to red petals.

As much as there are beautiful, there’s more to sunflowers than what meets the eyes. They are rich in history and symbolism. Sunflowers signify loyalty, adoration and longevity. Most of its meaning is derived from its namesake, the sun. Sunflowers are exotic as they have the ability to give energy in the form of nourishment and vibrant energy, all of which are the attributes that mirror the sun. They are known to be the happy flowers, making it an excellent choice of gift to make someone’s day.


The Cheerful Bouquet At A Premium Quality

Best of all, sunflowers are especially great for gifting; whether you are congratulating friends for powering through an important milestone, sending them your sincere love, or just letting them know that they are in your thoughts, your recipient is sure to feel the love. Sunflowers originates from America, dating back from 1000 BC. They were back then grown as a valuable food source for ages. As the Europeans explored the New World, the flower became popular and soon the rest of the world started to appreciate its beauty.

Artists were fixated on sunflower as they loved the sunflower’s unique splendour. In some societies, it has been documented to be used as religious symbol. Its distinct characteristic of phototropism has inspired the ancient works due to their tall stalks and bright petals.

In the modern era, sunflower remains as a highly-recognized flower, adored for its cheerfulness and sunny charm. As a flower with several positive characteristics of the sun, it is no surprise that people enjoy basking in its warmth.


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