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Lend Your Support and Share the Burden of Grief by Sending Funeral Wreaths with Floral Beanie Singapore

No matter what the reason, sending beautifully arranged and attractive flowers is always a kind gesture. The type of flowers you chose can convey specific sentiments. Flowers, with their traditional language of love, provide a way to express your emotions and send a meaningful message. When someone you love passes away, it becomes particularly essential for you to convey your true emotions once and for all. Funeral flowers are an ideal choice as they provide a long-lasting tribute to the loved one lost. Funeral wreaths are the visual expression of your respect, love, grief, and sympathy to the deceased.

They are often placed on the casket or the grave. At Floral Beanie Singapore, we are honored to provide the best funeral flowers, floral arrangements, condolence wreaths, and funeral wreaths to help you pay tribute at the last rites of your loved one. We know how important and crucial this is moment is for you. With our flower delivery Singapore service, we ensure that your funeral flowers reach the family of the departed to help them cope with the pain.


Funeral Flowers Offered by Floral Beanie Singapore

When it comes to funeral flowers, there is no one particular flower species that fits the occasion. It is all about expressing your sentiments and grief. There are plenty of flower species that are excellent in communicating grief and sympathy. At Floral Beanie, we offer a variety of them.

Lilies For Funeral Wreath

The lilies, especially the white ones, are ideal funeral flowers that are mostly associated with funeral services. The white lilies we offer symbolize the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the deceased. The white lily funeral wreaths, flowers, and floral arrangements express purity, sympathy, and majesty.

Carnations For Funeral Wreath

Carnations are another great option for an intense occasion. Floral Beanie carnation funeral wreaths are a popular choice for sympathy arrangements. We offer different colors of carnations. The white carnations stand for innocence and pure love, whereas pink carnations stand for remembrance.

Roses For Funeral Wreath

Roses are one of the most expressing funeral flowers we have. Our rose funeral flowers and wreaths can be a beautiful part of a funeral arrangement. Like other condolence flowers, roses too symbolize differently based on the colors. Red roses we offer convey courage, love, and respect. White roses we offer evoke youthfulness, innocence, humility, and reverence. Yellow roses we offered by the close friends of the departed to signify their strong ties. Lastly, the crimson roses we offer grief and sorrow.

Orchids For Funeral Wreath

There is no best way to say, ‘I will always love you’ than orchid plants. Orchid plants are part of the memorial services and funeral arrangements that convey the gesture of sympathy.


Funeral Flowers are Important, Let Us Help You Express Your Feelings

Floral Beanie Singapore flower delivery service is an experienced florist who has been in this industry for several years now. We know how important sending flowers is to you. Thus, we will make sure that your ordered flowers are delivered to the desired address at the desired time and with a strong feeling.

Cope with the loss of a loved one, order funeral flowers now!


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